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Carpet Cleaning is a Must if You’re Getting Ready for Spring

March 12th, 2021 · No Comments

Whether you know it or not, there’s probably a lot of unwanted stuff from 2020 lingering around your home. No, we’re not talking about those white elephant gifts you got for Christmas or the many “valuable” items you’ll consider unloading at a garage sale in Platteville, Wisconsin in about a month or two. Nope, we’re referring to the many things that got tracked into your home and are threatening to become permanent guests if you don’t do some serious residential cleaning this spring.

ServiceMaster by Knipper knows you’re not partial to all the dirt that most ordinary vacuum cleaners can’t touch. But, while you do your best to keep up on the daily dust, most have carpets that have a deep-down different story, and it takes one of our pros to help you get rid of what’s hiding just below the surface.

We’ll assess the job and figure out just what we’re up against. Is there a lot of staining or other messy issues? If you can create the mess, chances are we’ve seen it before and have a cleaning solution that’s effective for your carpet and safe for you and your family.

While we’re bringing your carpet back to life and restoring its luster, isn’t it about time to pay a little attention to a few items you depend on and likely take for granted? We’re referring to your sofas and chairs. They need some tender loving care as well, especially if they’ve been asked to deflect a stain or two in recent years. Our pros know just what will get that mystery stain to disappear so you can rest confident on freshly cleaned furnishings.

Don’t forget that residential cleaning means a number of other items you might not have considered, like a thorough air duct cleaning. Just like carpeting, air ducts can collect a lot of pollen, dirt, and other debris which can cause poor indoor air quality.

Sometimes it’s good to bring in some extra muscle when it comes to tackling jobs like grout and tile or floor cleaning. Why hassle when we can make them bright as new? We also offer complete house cleaning services for when a deep cleaning is the only way to get caught up.

Excellent home cleaning in Platteville, WI and elsewhere in the Tri-State area starts with one simple phone call to the people who are ready to help you with your residential care and a whole lot more. Our job is to make you look good, whether you live in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Iowa. Contact ServiceMaster by Knipper today at (866) 999-1980 to discuss how we can deliver the prompt and professional clean you expect and the service you deserve.

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