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Proper Carpet Cleaning Will Help You Avoid Feeling Like a Captive This Winter

February 15th, 2021 · No Comments

Ever walk into a room and your nose starts to run? Maybe you start sneezing and you just can’t seem to stop? Chances are you aren’t coming down with a cold, but instead are reacting to some substance around you. In all likelihood, it’s something trapped in the carpets. While summers can be long in Galena, IL, if you’re sensitive to common respiratory irritants, what gets shut in with you after the cold weather sets in can be even worse. Carpet cleaning can help you rid your carpets of those substances causing your reactions.

At ServiceMaster by Knipper, we understand why winters just seem to drag on and on. It’s not just the dreariness of the weather, it’s also the air being repeatedly recirculated around your home. Most likely, this air is dry and has some extra elements in it that might trigger an allergic reaction.

While we aren’t suggesting you throw open your windows and doors to air out your home, we do recommend the next best recourse. There’s nothing quite like professional carpet cleaning to help you realize just what you’ve been missing by being held captive to the dust, pollen, and other elements that managed to find their way indoors and into your carpeting before you sealed yourself in for the winter.

Most of us are pretty good about giving our carpets and floor coverings a good vacuuming on a regular basis, but it really does not compare to professional carpet cleaning.  Our pros will expertly get your rugs clean in short order. They’ll find those stains from the holidays that you forgot about and expertly and safely remove them. They’ll also extract dirt and other elements you never dreamed had become freeloaders in your carpeting. Best of all, your deodorized carpets will smell great, and you’ll likely breathe a whole lot easier afterward.

Don’t forget that ServiceMaster by Knipper is about far more than making your floors look and smell good. We also offer professional attention for your upholstery. If some of those stains we just mentioned managed to soil your furnishings, we can offer the same level of expert attention to those chairs and cushions you count on every day.

Excellent carpet cleaning in Galena, IL, and elsewhere in the Tri-State area starts with one simple phone call to the people who are ready to help you with carpet cleaning and a whole lot more. Our job is to make you look good, whether you live in Illinois, Iowa, or Wisconsin. Contact us 24/7 at (866) 999-1980 to discuss how we can deliver the prompt and professional clean you expect and the service you deserve.

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