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Too Bad Social Distancing Can’t Cure the Need for Water Damage Restoration

September 21st, 2020 · No Comments

Stay six feet away from family, friends, and especially strangers; this is one of the many recommendations health experts are making these days as we deal with Covid-19.  We call this “social distancing,” and if only it were that easy to avoid trouble with broken pipes, damaging storms, and reoccurring flooding that often comes with living near the Mississippi River in Galena, IL. Chances are that you agree with this kind of distancing from water, and if there were something like it, there’d be no need for anything known as water damage restoration.


At ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, we know staying a safe distance from unwanted water damage is really a dream because, sooner or later, mishaps and nature have a way of offering up the unexpected at really inconvenient times. If water damage happens to you, you may want to have us on speed-dial and know that we’ll be there as quickly as you need us.


We understand that time doesn’t wait for the most powerful force in nature. Water will do what it is going to do in the Tri-State area, and for the most part, all you can do is react quickly, respond immediately, and avoid even more headaches down the road by doing whatever it takes to implement water damage restoration.


At ServiceMaster, we’re the opposite of social distancing when it comes to dealing with whatever moisture mayhem your home or business might be facing. We’re ready to help you understand just what has gone wrong and what the first steps are needed to turn a soggy mess into nothing more than a bad memory.


We’ll help you get a handle on the all of the extra water, then we’ll survey the damage and assist in the unpleasant task of deciding what is worth salvaging and what is so badly soaked it will have to be tossed out before attention turns to cleaning and drying.


ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is your solution to properly caring for carpet and upholstery. Water damage restoration requires much more work, and we take proper action to ensure your place is thoroughly dried to avoid issues like mold and mildew growth. We’re also your source if you need to repair any structural damage.


Water damage restoration service in Galena, IL, and elsewhere in the Tri-State area starts with one simple phone call to the people who are never distant when trying to cure disasters. Our job is to make your property look good, whether you live in Illinois, Iowa, or Wisconsin. Contact us 24/7 at (866) 999-1980 to discuss how we can deliver the prompt and professional clean you expect and the service you deserve.

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