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November Means It’s Time to Make a Move on Residential Cleaning before the Holidays Arrive

November 5th, 2019 · No Comments

The holidays and the guests who naturally come with them are stressful enough, so don’t put off residential cleaning in East Dubuque, IL. Instead, stay one step ahead this holiday season.


Put ServiceMaster Cleaning Services to work against the dirt and grime in your home, making everything shine—from the kitchen to the garage to the carpets throughout your house.


You’ll discover that cleaning floor coverings is a ServiceMaster specialty. From sizing up different surfaces to handling certain stains with pre-treatments to actually getting a deep-down clean your family and your guests will surely notice.


While you’re trying to impress family and visitors alike, it’s also a good opportunity to think about giving a little love to your furnishings as well. If your carpets have endured a little staining over the past year, imagine what’s happened to your upholstery. Furniture fabrics trap dirt, stains, and smells, so it makes sense to treat the chairs you depend on just as well as the surfaces below them.


There’s also no better time to say “so long” to all of the pollen and other dust that can find its way indoors during the warmer summer months. Why shut your windows and find yourself surrounded by a lot of potential irritants, including pet dander, as the heating season gets underway in earnest? Instead, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services of East Dubuque, IL, for a deep residential cleaning.


Now is the time to make some residential cleaning decisions that you won’t regret when guests arrive and take for granted all the attention to detail our ServiceMaster pros paid to making your floors and furnishings look and smell the best they can.


Remember that ServiceMaster Cleaning Services of East Dubuque, IL, is your cost-effective carpet cleaning solution that also happens to be your first place to turn rather than worry about a disaster or a big mess to clean on your own. Contact us at (815) 777-3400 to discuss how we can deliver the clean you expect and the service you deserve.

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