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Part 1: Frequently Asked Questions about Floods and Water Damage Restoration in Manchester, IA

May 9th, 2019 · No Comments

Anyone living in the American Midwest knows that the springtime is extremely wet, and that this rainiest time of year spans from March to May. The rain, paired with snow melt at the beginning of the spring season, saturates the topsoil, eventually seeping further and further into the ground. Because of this saturation, every rainfall in the late spring increases the risk of flooding. Many homeowners and businesses across the Midwest face difficulties with flood water affecting their buildings each year. If you end up struggling with flooding this year, ServiceMaster by Knipper provides emergency comprehensive water damage restoration in Manchester, IA.

People who have faced water damage in their homes or businesses are often dealing with the issue for the first time because water damage isn’t a daily occurrence or even a monthly one. Consequently, those experiencing flooding for the first time have a lot of questions, and for good reason. The answers to frequently asked questions about water damage can provide vital information to anyone facing a flooded basement, a flood-damaged home or business, or even severe long-term humidity.


  1. What should I do right after a flood?
    1. When a flood affects your home or business, it’s important to take immediate action. Turn off your main electrical switch, all your individual fuse switches, and your main water line. If it’s safe to do so (i.e., your building is not in danger of collapse and you won’t be injured wading through flood waters) inspect the damage and take pictures of all the affected areas of your building, interior and exterior. Contact an emergency water damage restoration company like ServiceMaster by Knipper, and finally, contact your insurance agency.
  2. How will the water damage my building?
    1. Flood water can affect your building in many ways. It can damage your building structure with wood swelling and rot, metal corrosion, drywall and plaster destruction, and overall staining and saturation of materials. It can also damage the working components of your building, such as electrical and plumbing systems. In addition, water can damage your belongings, including furniture, appliances, and any smaller items.
  3. What are the dangers of a small flood?
    1. Even a small, localized flood in your building (a common example is a flooded basement) can leave severe damage to your plumbing and electrical systems. Additionally, small floods often cause long-term issues like mold and bacteria growth, which affects indoor air quality.
  4. Will my building ever recover from a flood?
    1. Even though water damage can seem impossible to fix completely, the fact is that your home or business can recover! With the help of a professional water damage restoration crew, your building can overcome a flood and see full recovery back to its pre-disaster conditions.


To learn more about the services we provide or for emergency water damage restoration in Manchester, IA, contact ServiceMaster by Knipper at (866) 999-1980 today.

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