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When and Where Mold Removal is an Important Part of Residential Cleaning in East Dubuque, IL

November 1st, 2018 · No Comments

With its high humidity, summer is often considered the best time for mold growth to occur, but the colder months can promote conditions where indoor mold growth is more likely than in the summer. Because most homeowners seal windows, doors, and other entryways, moisture can easily become trapped inside. Combined with warmth of heating systems and bodies this can lead to mold growth throughout the home. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services provides comprehensive, professional mold removal with our complete residential cleaning services in East Dubuque, IL, so your home can be mold-free year-round.


Mold spores exist nearly everywhere, inside and outside. These spores don’t often pose a health risk unless they are highly concentrated, like they are near mold colonies which release spores in great numbers. When those spores take residence in your home and start to grow and expand as fully-developed mold bodies, it means bad news for your home and family. Exposure to mold colonies means exposure to greater concentrations of spores and the harmful mycotoxins they release into the air.


Mycotoxins can cause neurological, respiratory, cardiological, and even nervous system damage. Infants, children, pets, and the elderly are all at a greater risk to these effects. Keeping your loved ones safe from mold exposure starts with a clean home. However, mold can easily elude even the most attentive homeowners. For example, our residential cleaning specialists often tackle secret mold colonies in indoor spots including:


  • Cabinets: Mold likes to grow on organic materials where moisture and warmth are plentiful. This means mold spores often take root inside wooden cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Often mold hides in cabinets too high up to easily look inside or on the top inside panel of low down cabinets.
  • Ceilings: You might clean your bathroom and kitchen regularly, but it’s common for homeowners to forget that ceilings are also made from organic components like gypsum in drywall and cellulose in paint. The ceilings where moisture and heat rise to often can easily accommodate large colonies of black, pink, white, and gray household molds.
  • Appliances: Kitchen appliances and other mechanisms can also be guilty of supporting mold colonies because they are frequently exposed to organic particulates (food, bacteria, dander, dust, etc.), moisture, and heat. Mold can be found lurking underneath refrigerators, behind washing machines, and around dishwashers.


These examples of when and where mold may hide in your home are just a few of many, but fortunately all mold can be removed with the help of our expert residential cleaning technicians.


No matter how clean your home appears on to the naked eye, it’s possible there is mold growth somewhere that is lowering your indoor air quality and damaging your property. Get rid of dangerous mold today and contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 for comprehensive residential cleaning and mold removal in East Dubuque, IL.

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