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All the Secret Places in Your Home We Catch With Residential Cleaning in Oelwein, IA

June 20th, 2018 · No Comments

The time for spring cleaning has passed, but many homeowners are enjoying a cleaner home for the start of the summer because of the hard work they put in to vacuum, scrub, sweep, dust, and shine their houses inside and out. However, while your home might feel great and your efforts are important in keeping a clean indoor environment, your house might not be as clean as you think. To get a truly immaculate home from top to bottom, calling in a professional cleaning company is key. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services provides the high-quality deep clean that can truly benefit your home with our comprehensive residential cleaning in Oelwein, IA.

Even with the vigorous cleaning efforts, there are often places that are missed by the average homeowner. When you take advantage of the training, powerful equipment, and cleaning products our cleaning technicians offer, you’re giving your home the gift of a truly deep clean.

When our cleaning technicians take on a residential cleaning project, we often see that there are common areas that are forgotten, hidden, or difficult to clean. These areas are frequently in need of special attention to complete a cleaning job in full.

The places that often get missed in the regular cleaning routine most homeowners implement include:

Trim: Dirt and dust tend to collect along the tops of baseboard trim, molding, and paneling. These accents can add a lot to interior decoration, but if they look grimy, that quickly detracts from any cosmetic value they might have. Our cleaning technicians can remove even the oldest dirt from the deepest crevices in your home’s trim.

Appliances: Refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves—all of these appliances are frequently only given a superficial treatment on cleaning day. Dirt often lurks beneath and behind, sticks to the sides, and creeps into the cracks or lining of all household appliances. For a truly clean home, every appliance should be given the care a ServiceMaster Cleaning Services deep clean can provide.

Fans and fixtures: Lights, fans, and other fixtures will inevitably collect dust. Because most homeowners focus their cleaning attention to eye level and below, these parts of a house can get missed in the regular routine. We tackle the cleaning process from floor to ceiling so fans, fixtures, and more can shine too.

Window sills: The gaps between windows, screens, and winter seals are often missed along with the window sills of a home. Clean glass doesn’t mean much when your window sills don’t match. Our cleaning technicians give your windows and sills the attention they need to look great.

The bottoms of things: There are many areas of your home that have a bottom. Underneath countertop edges, door frames, cabinets, sinks, furniture, and more can be dust free with our comprehensive residential cleaning services.

For more information about our professional residential cleaning in Oelwein, IA, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 and place a service request today.



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