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Getting Rid of Holiday Leftovers with Residential Cleaning in Platteville, WI

March 6th, 2018 · No Comments

The holiday season has come to a close, and most of the country now faces the remainder of a long winter. Now’s the perfect time for homeowners to turn their attention to taking down decorations, getting rid of old Christmas trees, and cleaning up from parties and family get-togethers.

If you’ve spent the last week getting your house in order after holiday festivities, you may be satisfied that everything is back to normal. However, there’s often debris and other holiday leftovers hiding in your home, even after a thorough cleaning. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers professional residential cleaning in Platteville, WI, perfect for removing the invisible dirt leftovers from the holiday season.

The amount of small particulates that can accumulate over the few months of the holiday season may surprise most homeowners. From decorations to food, most homes see an increase in the contaminants that can be difficult to remove without the help of a professional residential cleaning crew.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is certified by the IICRC, and our trained cleaning technicians have access to the cleaning equipment and industrial products that effectively get rid of holiday debris in your home.

Glitter is one of the most pervasive materials mankind has ever produced. Unfortunately, many holiday items are coated with glitter. Christmas baubles, New Year’s attire, and even wrapping papers feature decorative glitter. Though this glitter adds a little extra flair to the holidays, it can stick and become embedded in carpets, upholstery, the cracks between wood floor panels, and even the grout between tiles.

Pine needles (real and fake) can also get accidentally passed over when it comes to a home cleaning. Thin, sharp pine needles and the plastic needles on artificial trees can slip between carpet fibers, stick into furniture, and find their way into more nooks and crannies than you may have known you had in your home.

Food debris is a common byproduct of the holiday season because of the increase in baking, cooking, parties, and families eating together in your home. From Thanksgiving to New Years, your carpeting, furniture, hard surface floors, and countertops are exposed to a large quantity of food debris that often leaves difficult-to-remove stains and smells.

Alcohol is another element common to holiday events. Spilled beer, wine, eggnog, and other alcohol-based concoctions can stain carpets and upholstery, leave unsavory smells, and often create discolorations and damage to wood or tile.

The issues that holiday debris causes in your home can range from unpleasant odors to long-term damage if a deep, rigorous cleaning is neglected. Our expert cleaning technicians can provide that service and restore your home to pre-holiday cleanliness.

For more information about our professional residential cleaning in Platteville, WI, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 today.

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