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Saving Your Carpets From Abrasive Dirt Particles With Professional Carpet Cleaning in Platteville, WI

August 28th, 2017 · No Comments

Because carpets act as a passive air filter and gravity causes most particulates to settle at ground level, carpeting can quickly become one of the dirtiest places in the building. From pet hair to Cheetos dust, your carpeting may hold a wide range of dirt types. While none of these types of dirt are desirable to have in your carpets, there are certain kinds of dirt that are more damaging than other. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services provides professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Platteville, WI, to prevent all dirt from damaging your carpet longevity.

When it comes to your carpets, no dirt is good dirt. However, there are some kinds of dirt that are more detrimental to your carpets because of their abrasive quality. Large, hard dirt particles that can be ground deep into your carpets and dull fibers over time will leave more significant, permanent damage than any other kind of dirt.

The common types of abrasive dirt that can severely damage your carpets include:

Earth: Sand particles, mineral dust, small rocks, and earth, in general, can all be easily introduced to your carpeting from the outdoors. All it takes is one muddy foot—human or pet—to bring abrasive earth particles into your home. Once those particles are in your carpets, they begin to grate against fibers, damaging their structure and integrity.

Food: In homes and businesses alike, your carpets are continually in the presence of food. While some solid foods are malleable or seem too soft to degrade your carpet fibers with abrasion, the majority of foods are abrasive or will become so as they dry out, clump, or stale. Crumbs, chunks, crusting, or general food buildup will quickly abrade your carpet fibers if they’re allowed to remain.

Bugs: As clean as your carpets may appear, there may still be the presence of several kinds of common indoor insects. From dust mites to ants, small pests will always leave behind their fair share of debris. This waste includes excrement, eggs, exoskeletons, and food debris. The out-of-site daily activity of these kinds of pests will leave behind small piles of abrasive soil that will damage your carpet fibers over time.

Dust: The term “dust” is a general way to talk about a combination of decomposing and degraded dirt and particulates. While dust is often a filmy, fine material, it can still be abrasive to your carpets. Layers of dust can accumulate in your carpets, causing a mirrored accumulation of fiber damage over time.

Professional carpet cleaning allows your carpets to breathe. When your carpets are free of abrasive dirt particulates, their life is extended and their quality is maintained for much longer. Don’t hesitate to give your carpets the deep clean they need. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 today for professional carpet cleaning in Platteville, WI.

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