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Flash Flood Warnings in Jo Daviess County May Demand Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Galena, IL

August 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Each summer brings cycles of rain and storms across the Midwest, and while these weather patterns are helpful for keeping droughts at bay, they pose problems for urban areas along the Mississippi River. Rapid, rising waters in the river and its tributaries can become dangerous for cities even a few miles from the river edges. The dangers of flooding and other causes of water damage in Illinois areas along the Mississippi River increase during July and August and this year has been no exception. If you have experienced recent flood, storm, or rain damage in your home or business, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services provides comprehensive water damage restoration in Galena, IL.

This summer in Northwest Illinois has seen several heavy rainstorms and thunderstorms, yet more will come. Severe thunderstorm warnings spread across Jo Daviess County, Southeastern Carroll County, Northeastern Whiteside County, Stephenson County, and several surrounding areas.

The dangers of thunderstorms and heavy rains in these locations with such a close proximity to saturated river lands is at an increased risk of flash flooding in Northwest Illinois.

Dangers With Flash Floods

Besides the obvious dangers to the safety of those in the proximity of flash flood regions, severe thunderstorms and heavy rains creating flash flood conditions create a number of other problems for homes and businesses exposed. Saturated earth surrounding building foundations can lead to cracking and flooded basements and lower levels. Unexpected floods in urban areas can leave damage to the exterior of a building, and leaks through windows, doors, and other unsealed areas can cause significant water damage indoors. Lingering humidity after floodwaters have been introduced to an area can lead to mold growth, and unclean floodwaters can leave bacteria and other contaminants in a building. The force of a large-scale flash flood can damage siding, gutters, windows, doors, roofs, and electrical systems of a home or business. Heavy rains accompanying flash floods can damage roofs, flood crawl spaces, leak inside walls, swell wood, and leave drywall rotting away.

The dangers of a flash flood are numerous, but even if your home or business has been severely affected by summer flash flood conditions, our expert restoration technicians can help.

If your building is damaged from flash floods, stormy weather, or heavy rains this summer, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 for 24-hour emergency water damage restoration in Galena, IL.

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