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Structural Fires From Spring Tornadoes and Recovering With Fire Damage Restoration in East Dubuque, IL

March 9th, 2017 · No Comments

Every year, tornado season strikes suddenly and quickly across the Midwest. Spring and early summer weather patterns push warm, humid air fronts north from the Gulf of Mexico. Across the Midwest’s tornado alley, these warm air masses meet with cool, arid fronts traveling south from Canada. When the two contrasting air masses meet, it creates unstable atmospheric conditions where thunderstorms are likely. Because tornadoes stem from thunderstorms, it’s one of the most dangerous times of the year when these air masses repeatedly form storm conditions in Illinois. The building damage that tornadoes leave behind is often devastating. If you experience building damage from tornadoes this spring, count on ServiceMaster Cleaning Services for expert disaster recovery and fire damage restoration in East Dubuque, IL.

When it comes to tornado aftermath, fire damage might not jump immediately to the front of the list. However, there are many reasons why a tornado might cause fire damage to your home or business.

Downed power lines are common occurrences when tornadoes hit urban areas. Not only are downed power lines dangerous for drivers and pedestrians, but they can also spark electrical fires. This can happen either from literal sparks coming from the downed line and catching nearby flammable materials or because of an electrical current flowing through faulty connections into homes and businesses. 

Lightning strikes are also a real danger during tornado season. Because tornadoes primarily occur during thunderstorm weather conditions, the chances of lightning strikes accompanying a tornado are high. The damage lightning can inflict on buildings that aren’t correctly equipped with a lightning rod is often severe, and the high heat of the electricity flowing when lightning strikes can cause its target to burst into flames. In fact, the heat is so high that it can even catch your building aflame if lightning targets a nearby object. 

Gas leaks from building damage are frequently linked to fires in the aftermath of a tornado as well. The extreme winds and force of thunderstorms and funnels during tornado season can wreak havoc on the structure of your home or business. This often includes cracked gas lines and leaking propane tanks. Releasing highly flammable gas into the air in and around your building means that the chances of your home or business going up in flames when that gas is ignited are greatly increased.  

Electrical damage in your building is one of the most common causes of fire, even without the presence of a tornado. The high winds of tornado season only increase the possibilities of electrical damage in your home or business when those winds harm the integrity of the building as a whole.

The 2017 tornado season across the Midwest has already made an explosive entrance, and there is still more to come. Be prepared for building damage of all kinds and remember you can call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at (866) 999-1980 for 24/7 emergency disaster recovery and fire damage restoration in East Dubuque, IL.

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