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All About Ice Dams and Preventing Long-term Damage With Winter Water Damage Restoration in Dyersville, IA

December 14th, 2016 · No Comments

Winter is well underway in Iowa, with below freezing temperatures and flurries of snow becoming an almost daily occurrence. Anyone who has experienced the long Midwest winters knows that snow and ice can accumulate in dangerous quantities if regular removal is neglected. Shoveling driveways and plowing roads is a good start for getting rid of troublesome snow, but your roofs are susceptible to ice dams from collected snow and ice leading to even further damage to your home or business. ServiceMaster by Knipper provides professional water damage restoration in Dyersville, IA, to reverse the damage left by winter ice dams.


What is an ice dam?

Ice dams occur when ice beneath the snow on your roof melts from the warmth escaping your building’s interior and moves down to the eaves and gutters. When it peeks out from under its insulating blanket of snow and becomes exposed to the winter air, the melted water freezes and forms an ice blockage. Icicles hanging from your eaves are often a sign that ice blocks have formed around your roof.


How do they damage buildings?

Because ice dams keep melted snow and ice from draining off your roof, they hold water on your roof and increase the chances of water damage. The blocked water can saturate your roof and leak into your walls, ceilings, and roof structure. Not only does this leakage leave long term water damage in your home or business, but it also damages your building insulation, leading to the accumulation of ice dams in locations all around your roof and draining the energy efficiency of the entire building.


How can you prevent ice dams?

In most older buildings, ice dams are almost impossible to prevent, and the frequent removal of ice is the best course of action to negate water damage to your home or business. Improving the insulation below your roofing can also help to keep the warmth of your heated interior building from reaching the snow falling on your roof.

For any damage left by ice dams this winter, you can count on ServiceMaster by Knipper for comprehensive water damage restoration in Dyersville, IA. Contact us today at (866) 999-1980 for a service request.

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