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Third-Hand Smoke Left Behind When Fire Damage Restoration in Galena, IL is Neglected

March 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

After a building fire, no matter how small, smoke that is left behind can have severe consequences on your home or business and for those exposed to the affected space. Smoke permeates nearly every type of material, from fabric and wood to plastic and glass. Without professional smoke removal, smoke can pose a long term threat to your building and to the health of its inhabitants. With ServiceMaster Cleaning Services fire damage restoration services in Galena, IL, you can count on the comprehensive smoke removal you deserve.

Though commonly associated with cigarettes and other types of tobacco, third-hand smoke is an often-neglected problem after building fires. Despite fire damage cleanup and soot removal, smoke particles catch on and stick to many materials.

Without experts like our experienced technicians, third-hand smoke can continue to harm your interior environment long after a fire occurs.

Because of its high acidity, smoke particles are extremely corrosive. Over time, even the most microscopic bits of smoke can damage hard surfaces, etch glass and ceramics, discolor walls and ceilings, and ruin finishes. The third-hand smoke that’s left over from building fires is largely invisible, and therefore help from a professional restoration specialist like ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is vital.

Health-related consequences of third-hand smoke are similar to those of second and first-hand smoke exposure. Recent studies have shown that the compounds in third-hand smoke residue could be carcinogenic, leading to the development of lung and other types of cancer.

These residual particles could also negatively affect children and infants more severely than adults. If exposed to third-hand smoke during developing stages, children could be at greater risk of developing asthma or respiratory problems that could endure the rest of their lives. Extreme cases of exposure could also harm developing brains and immune systems.

The only way to truly protect your home or business from the damaging qualities of residual smoke and to prevent exposure to third-hand smoke after a building fire is with comprehensive, professional treatment. For expert fire damage restoration in Galena, IL, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services at 866.999.1980.

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