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ServiceMaster Cleaning Services Cleans Carpets in Platteville, WI

April 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

In the spring, homeowners confront two issues when they consider the state of their carpets: the dirt that accumulated on the carpets during the long Wisconsin winter and the new layer mud and grime being deposited thanks to increased outdoor activities in nice weather. In recounting the condition of her carpet, a woman once described it as an historical document of the events her family experienced in the preceding months. She could point to evidence of two parties, two holiday dinners, a winter storm that brought both slush and salt inside, and the visitor and his dog who didn’t wipe their feet or paws. Between those events, she noted a brief history of her daughter’s new cat and the evening her sister spilled her wine glass. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is the best solution for all these carpet cleaning problems in Platteville, WI and surrounding communities.

We, of course, don’t recommend waiting until you have that kind of “historic geography” on your carpets. It’s always best for the carpeting and your environment to clean the carpets on a regular basis. The longer particles of dirt, especially hard soil, small stones and salt are embedded in the pile of your carpet, the more damage is done. As people walk across the carpet, they force the fibers down, grinding them against the abrasives and tearing threads. Vacuuming thoroughly helps, but it doesn’t get everything.

We can schedule routine carpet cleaning at times that are most convenient for you. If a carpet is cleaned regularly, it not only has a longer life, but it is easier to clean each time, making for a more efficient process overall. We want to help you protect your investment in your carpeting, while also making your home as health and safe as possible. Everyone in your family is exposed to whatever is in your carpets. If there are materials that interact with each other, the result can cause further damage. Everything from insect parts to pollen to mold spores may be hiding underfoot, to be dislodged and made airborne by the scuff of a shoe. Let us rid your home of these potential hazards. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services today for your best value in carpet cleaning in Platteville, Boscobel, Cassville, and Lancaster, Wisconsin.

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