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Carpet Cleaning Services in Galena, IL for the Messy Spring Season

March 13th, 2015 · No Comments

Early spring is a great time to be outdoors, but a rough time on your residential carpets. After a long winter we’re happy to see the snow leave, but the mud and remaining sand and salt from winter presents the greatest risk for dirt on your floors. Whether it comes from friends and family tracking it in on their shoes, or from the four-legged family members, your home carpeting can go from pristine to a muddy mess overnight. When that happens, just call us. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services will get the mud out with the best residential carpeting cleaning in Galena, Stockton, East Dubuque, or Elizabeth, IL.

With warmer temperatures and walkways free of ice and snow, many folks take advantage of the opportunity for long walks. And the brief moments for “letting the dog out” can now turn into the much missed walks and exercise for both of you. But what do you do about their paws? Some people purchase booties or try to use small plastic bags to prevent filthy paw prints. For most, it’s simply easier to clean the dog’s paws before coming into the house. A mud room is especially handy for this. If you don’t have one, keep some rags and a spray bottle outside the door.

Keeping the pet from messing-up the carpets may be easier than training the humans in your house. Make a rule that all outdoor footwear comes off at the entrance. Keep a low box or tray for boots or other dirty footwear and keep carpet slippers or inside shoes nearby. A bench or chair at the entryway will make the changeover easier and serve as a reminder. Anyone who doesn’t follow the rule gets to clean all the boots!

Of course, your carpets may be more than ready for a spring cleaning, given all the dirt and grime of winter and mud of spring. The thaw will be with us for a short time, so get your carpets ready for the warm and sunny weather when more people will be visiting. For the best in home carpet cleaning, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services today in East Dubuque and Galena, Illinois, Platteville, Wisconsin, Dyersville, Iowa, and other communities in the Tri-State area.

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