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Winter Water and Sewage Cleanup in Galena, IL

January 9th, 2015 · No Comments

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During mid-winter, any number of situations can result in water accumulation or flooding in your home. Pipes can freeze and burst when ice blocks the line and creates increased pressure. An overworked furnace can fail when no one is home resulting in frozen water lines and leaks. Water lines running to washing machines can leak or, in some homes that have their own wells, the internal water reservoir connections can leak as well. Extreme cold can cause exterior lines to freeze or crack, forcing water or sewage back into your home. Whenever these mishaps occur, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is the best choice in water removal, sewage cleanup, and water damage restoration in Galena, Stockton, East Dubuque or Elizabeth, IL.

It doesn’t take much water or sewage to cause a big mess. A relatively small amount of water or moisture can result in extensive mold behind your walls and ruin wallpaper, wallboard, and materials stored in the affected area in a very short time. Sewage can cause the same damage plus permeate the materials, walls, and furnishings with strong odors and potential toxins. If pathogens become airborne they could spread further and cause infections ranging from intestinal disorders to pink eye.

Once a leak or break is discovered, the first step should be to shut off the water supply and call a reputable and bonded plumbing contractor. Then the goal should be to clean up and restore the property as quickly as possible. Your health and that of your family depends on a prompt resolution. This isn’t something you want to attempt on your own. Even if you can rent the equipment, successful and effective water remediation depends on stringent training and experience. We can reach affected areas you can’t and provide the right solution the first time.

For the proper response with the right equipment and training, call ServiceMaster Cleaning Services for water removal, sewage cleanup, and water damage repair in East Dubuque and Galena, Illinois; Platteville, Wisconsin; Dyersville, Iowa, and other communities in the Tri-State area.

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