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Restoring Furnace Fire Damage in Dyersville, IA

October 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster by Knipper provides fire restoration services for furnace fires in Dyersville and surrounding areas.

If you’ve ever had to clean up after a furnace or chimney fire, you know the damage it can cause. What the flames didn’t destroy, the soot and smoke will mar, leaving an awful odor. The older the furnace or boiler is, the greater the risk of fire. Homes in the Midwest, subjected to years of constant furnace usage, are prime candidates for this kind of disaster. If it happens to you, ServiceMaster by Knipper is your first and best option for fire damage restoration in Dyersville, Manchester, and Independence, IA.

The best way to prevent furnace fires is to have a complete inspection of the HVAC system every fall before you have to depend on it for heat every day. Technicians will make sure the proper mixture of air and gas is occurring and that the valves and connections are tight. They’ll also clean out dirt or debris that might serve as tinder to a wavering flame. A thorough check could reveal a mouse nest behind the shielding or corroded fuel lines.

Years of use and the heating and cooling of the metal may have left cracks in the boiler or furnace walls, or led to fan motors or belts that are about to fail. Don’t let a faltering furnace suddenly leave you cold in the middle of winter. It could mean frozen pipes and basement flooding as well as a fire risk. It could also contribute to carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure you have up-to-date CO detectors around your house, but especially in the furnace area. Smoke alarms aren’t enough to keep you and your family safe from fire damage and contaminated air.

If you experience a furnace or chimney fire, call ServiceMaster by Knipper as soon as the fire department leaves. We can minimize the damage and begin fire damage restoration immediately for your home in Dyersville, Manchester, or Independence, IA.

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