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Quality and Care in Commercial Cleaning in Galena, IL

June 30th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Cleaning Services / ServiceMaster Knipper provides commercial cleaning services in Galena, IL and the nearby areas

For many people, the first word that comes to mind when you mention Galena, IL is, of course, historic. Whether it’s the Grant home, the period street lighting, the historic architecture of the shops, or the well-preserved houses that may be private homes or public lodgings, Galena has much to offer. Thousands of visitors come to the area every year because almost everything they see is unique. Everything is maintained with quality and care thanks to the pride taken in the community and the value placed in the history.  Professional commercial cleaning services in Galena, IL, such as ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, is part of why things look as good as they do.

Whether it’s antique furniture, classic hardwood staircases, or original wooden floors, it takes more than the average commercial cleaning service to do them justice. The quality and detail that went into the building should be matched by the experience and professionalism of the people who clean it. Older rugs and textiles need special care and technicians with the know-how and materials to keep them clean and preserved, as well as safe.

Some part of your business or facility is probably considered a showcase or focus area, something that has special meaning or a story behind it. In a town like Galena, IL, where heritage and tourism go hand in hand, it’s always advisable to seek out the best in carpet cleaning, hard wood floor cleaning, and other commercial cleaning services. It’s not just your investment, but that of the community as well.

For the best in commercial cleaning services in Galena, IL and the tri-state area, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services. We keep quality and care foremost for your business or public structures whenever we perform a cleaning. With expertly trained technicians and a friendly staff, there’s no better choice than us!

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