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Staying Healthy with Carpet Cleaning in Platteville and Lancaster, WI

January 31st, 2014 · No Comments

Carpet Cleaning Services in the Platteville and Lancaster WI area by ServiceMaster Cleaning Services

In ancient times when the weather became frigid, everyone moved into central rooms, often taking some of their animals with them for additional heat and comfort. Thank goodness for modern central heating and insulation! Yet far too often in the coldest time of the year we find ourselves cooped-up in the house most of the day and night. With the entire family and the cats and dogs, it can be crowded and place an extra burden on your carpets and your health. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services of Platteville and Lancaster, Wisconsin has the carpet cleaning skills and technology to relieve your winter woes when you’re locked up in your home.

January is National Staying Healthy Month and that’s not an easy task during the coldest months of the year. The often sub-zero temperatures keep people inside along with the remnants of several months worth of dirt and whatever else is embedded in their carpets, fostering bacteria, black mold spores and dust mites. Add to that the contaminants clinging to the carpet fibers, such as smoke particles and food spills, and you’ve got a cocktail of dirt and debris settling into your carpets. And let’s not forget the contributions from pets; hair, skin cells and microscopic remnants from those pet accidents. Your family dislodges that dirt and debris when they walk, and with all the doors and windows shut tight, it circulates without any fresh air coming into the picture.

If your family is going to stay healthy this winter, they need a head start on the season without the crud in the carpet marginalizing their immune system. A professional carpet cleaning is a great way to start the year. At ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, we’re experts at residential cleaning services, especially carpets, and we’ll even take care of your upholstery cleaning needs! Your covered furnishings are exposed to many of the same particles as your carpet. We can handle hard surface floor cleaning, too, including with grout and tile.

Our services are offered in Grant County of Wisconsin, Jo Davies County of Illinois, and in Western Dubuque, Delaware, and Buchanan Counties in Iowa as ServiceMaster by Knipper. No matter where you’re located in the Wisconsin-Illinois-Iowa tri-state area, we’ve got the cleaning services to fit your needs. You’ll notice the difference and feel better about your family’s health, no matter what the weather. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services today to learn more about the carpet cleaning and residential cleaning services we can provide for you in the Iowa-Wisconsin-Illinois tri-state area.

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